Boost your child's confidence and creativity this summer in one of NeuLingo’s fun and immersive online Mandarin language learning programs for ages 5+! Our accomplished, qualified teachers bring language to life with immersive and themed lessons kids love. No experience necessary!

Bring China to Your Child this Summer with

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NeuLingo’s curriculum supports language acquisition through engaging lessons that are aligned to ACTFL, HSK and YCT standards.

Campers will interact in a full language experience as they develop their communication skills in Mandarin with basic greetings, their favorite colors and animals, Chinese culture, and lots more!

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Summer Camp Schedule

Two Groups: 
Happy Explorers (for age 5-8) & Scholar Explorers (for age 9+)

Session 1: JUNE 20—July 1

Week 1: Hello 
Learn how to say basic greetings and numbers 1–10. Explore diverse ways to greet people in Chinese culture.   

Week 2: Nice to meet you!
Learn how to introduce yourself and numbers 1–99. Explore fun ways to get people’s attention and how to start a conversation. 

Session 2: July 11—22

Week 1: My favorite color
Learn how to say colors in Chinese and describe what colors you like. Explore how colors get interpreted differently in Chinese culture.  

Week 2: My favorite animals  
Learn how to say different animals and pets and share what your favorite pets or animals with us. Explore fun cultural expressions associated with animals in Chinese.  

Session 3: July 25—August 5

Week 1: My favorite food 
Learn how to say common food and describe what you like to eat. Explore interesting and strange food that Chinese people like to eat.  

 Week 2: My favorite fruits 
Learn how to say different fruits and describe what fruits you like to eat. Explore different fruits that people like to eat in China. 

Session 4: August 8—19

Week 1: My family
Learn how to introduce your family members. Explore extended kinships and family traditions in Chinese culture.  

Week 2: I am a Sheep 
Learn how to say 12 zodiac signs in Chinese and describe your zodiac sign. Explore the legend and meaning behind Chinese zodiacs.  

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NeuLingo's immersive virtual camps include: 

  • An engaging, small-group environment that allows students to grow and interact as they learn.

  • Innovative ACTFL, HSK, and YCT-aligned curricula developed by an international team of experts.

  • A full language experience delivered by our highly-accomplished, native-speaking teachers.

  • Learning on our safe, COPPA-compliant platform.

Two age groups 
(Age 5–8 and 9+)

Camp Format
Choose flexible weekday or weekend sessions with 10 total camp days:

Camp sessions 
begin on June 20

Saturday camps meet weekly for 1.5 hours every Saturday over 10 weeks.

Weekday camps meet in two-week sessions for 1.5 hours each day, Monday through Friday.